Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

At the end of the day the endorsements of my clients are what matter most to me.”
Gianni Vigna, Homeopath

“I can’t manage without homeopathy. In fact, I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I often make use of them.”

Paul McCartney

What Patients are Saying

Homeopathic treatment offers anyone in need of health care the potential of a deep and lasting cure. Read  through a few of our satisfied patients testimonials.

  • Student


    The session was described by many including myself as the highlight of the retreat week-end. The workshop was well organized and delivered using various tools so all benefited. He demonstrated excellent communication and listening skills; he managed to grasp the attention of the sixty participants. My classmates and I felt that it was an amazing inspiring workshop giving us new usable knowledge.

  • Business


    By selecting Gianni Vigna your organization will benefit from the delivery of consistent, high-quality professional services in all that he does. I am sure that he will approach each of his tasks as an opportunity to add-value to your organization and operational activities. I am also sure that he will enhance the reputation for excellence in corporate governance.

  • Business


    In business I do not have time off work…Gianni Vigna was able to relieve my symptoms and they did not return….In the early contacts with him, I was relieved of an addiction and mental health issue.

  • Father


    My daughter suffered from reoccurring kidney infections…many antibiotics were tried with no lasting outcomes….one homeopathic eliminated my daughter’s issues 13 years ago.

  • Professor


    Mr Vigna has an ability to captivate the students’ attention and hold their interest. He demonstrated a genuine interest in people and contributed to their journey of self-awareness in order to better prepare them for the field of social work. He encouraged broad minded thinking and to be creative in developing helpful and effective interventions.

  • Professor


    My students enjoyed Mr. Vigna’s lecture. They would often make reference to him in class. They appreciated his knowledge and found the information shared useful and relevant….they refer back to his lecture.

  • Professor


    Students enjoyed his presence, his zeal and his pragmatic approach. They would often refer later in class to some points Mr. Vigna made during his visit. They appreciated his sharing of knowledge and of information they found useful and relevant.

  • Pet Owner

    Pet Owner

    My dog had a wounded infection…veterinary intervention was not helping….a homeopathic was prescribed which cleared the condition in one day.

  • Brenda


    I was worried about my wisdom teeth extraction…Last extraction was horrible….I did not take a pain med and no bruising occurred…homeopathic remedies really helped me.

  • Sue


    My migraine headaches were so bad…after a two hour appointment a homeopathic was selected and they never returned.

  • Bob


    I was losing my battle with type 2 diabetes, it was out of control ….thanks to Gianni Vigna it is completely gone and I feel great.

  • Paul


    My schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder were with me from age 20…I am now off my meds and following Mr. Vigna’s Homeopathic and Nutritional advisements.