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Gianni Vigna

Check out these great resource books for homeopathy users.

Books on Homeopathy

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 Suggested Readings

Potatoes Not Prozac by: Kathleen Des Maisons

A Holistic Nutritionist gives evidence to demonstrate the connection between sugar difficulties and addiction and mental health issues. She is the founder of a very successful substance abuse program with a one year follow-up rate of 85%. 

The Four Agreements by: Don Miguel Ruiz

This is a practical guide to personal emotional growth. Don Miguel Ruiz helps and guides you to reduce self-limiting beliefs and thoughts; free yourself and actualize to become an energized, grateful human being. This a great read!

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: Peter McWilliams

The bio-chemical reality of negative thinking is explained and the cascade of hormonal and subsequent neurotransmitters released and action on the body are discussed. The connection of this reaction with disease is highlighted.